Lysa is a debugger for programmers who want their tools to get the job done and get out of their way.

There are three major goals with this project:

* Simplicity

Most software is full of bloat and features that most people never use. Lysa will only have the essential functionality that we need, and will be laser focused on making those features work well.

* Performance

We all know that the computers we carry in our pocket can out-perform the supercomputers from just a few years ago. We also know that those pocket computers feel like they're running in mud. Lysa won't be shipping with any mud.

* Customization

Programmers usually like to have control. The ultimate goal with Lysa is to build a tool that informs a future library which will allow you to adapt your debugging tools to your workflow. First comes the debugger, then comes the debugging library.

In the beginning...

Lysa started as a C project on Linux. For a little over a year, it was made from scratch with a long development future ahead. It became clear that finishing a debugger like this would take many years, and may never get done.

In the interest of getting a tool that we can all use in our lifetimes, Lysa is now built using the LLDB API, with Qt for the gui, and C++ so that we can take advantage of said libraries.