Imagine a debugger that lets you define the features that are most important to you. How about stepping through code immediately after realizing that you have a bug; no changing windows and no compromising your choice of editor? A debugger that quietly waits in the background and responds to input within your development environment would cut down on a colossal amount of wasted time.

We are building a solid and fast debugger library to maximize the control you have over your tools and minimize the time you spend away from coding. Lysa will not have lots of bells and whistles, but will provide a handful of crucial debugging features to be integrated wherever you please.

You might argue the grammatical validity of the word 'embeddability,' but we doubt you would argue against the utility of having debugging features integrated into internal development tools. By way of a debugging library, Lysa will allow you to inject functionality directly into the veins of your development tools: anything from stepping through code in your text editor of choice (Hale or 4coder perhaps) to automating the inspection of data during gameplay events for visualization purposes.

Debuggers are Hard
Debugging and reverse engineering are complex realms of the programming universe. We've tried to take on the "compression-oriented programming" philosophy by working on small pieces of the project pie and only continuing onto the next piece once a solid implementation is in place. While trying not to make the mistake of looking too far ahead, here is a list of targets for getting to a usable prerelease version.

The Phases
  • The ELF and the DWARF, or RTFM
  • Tracing and Processing
  • Point Break
  • Stepping Code
  • Stepping Loops
  • Version 0.1 - Stability and Structure
  • Seeing the Files Through the Trees
  • Virtual Machine and Watchlist
  • Conditional Breakpoints
  • Inspecting the Stack Trace
  • Version 0.2 - Hello World

From Old Norse 'lysa' - To Illuminate
Paramythic wants to put control into your hands. We are developers who prefer to have control over our software, so making tools to give you (and us) that control just makes sense. Lysa, and future projects, aim to shine light into your code, helping you find bugs and get work done the way you want to get work done.