NOTICE: This project is on hiatus and may not update for a while.
Lysa is a debugger for programmers who want their tools to get the job done and get out of their way.

* Simplicity

Most software is full of bloat, and features that never get used. Lysa will have the essential functionality, and will be laser focused on making those features work well.

* Performance

We all know that the computers in our pockets can out-perform the supercomputers from a few years ago. We also know that those pocket-supercomputers feel like they're running in mud. Lysa won't be shipping with any mud.

In the beginning...

Lysa started as a C project on Linux. For a little over a year, it was made from scratch with a long development future ahead. It became clear that finishing it would take many years, and may never get done.

In the interest of creating a tool that we can all use in our lifetimes, Lysa is now built using the LLDB API, and Qt5.