What is it:

Lysa is a debugging library. It's for developers who want control over their tools or who like building their own custom tools.

The current state of debuggers is kinda bad. GDB is nearly unusable for many people and Visual Studio is jam packed with whatever Microsoft deems necessary; usually at a cost of performance or usability.

With Lysa, you can make your debugging tools exactly what you want them to be:

* Introspection
* In-game debugging
* Custom built, general purpose debugger
* To infinity, and beyond...

More about the project:

Lysa started with support for Linux and C, but has recently evolved to support multiple languages. Windows and OSX support are right around the corner. That's right, this thing will be multi-platform so you can get all your debugging done with one tool.

For a glimpse at how progress is going, check out the public Trello board. I try to keep it mostly up-to-date. I also stream on Twitch on an irregular basis and the recordings + a quick recap of what I did that day are exported to YouTube.

I'm a big believer in thinking about how computers work and how to write software that takes this into account, so Handmade Network is a perfect place to share the project. Everyone here would probably agree that we need a solid, handmade debugger for us all to use.